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But it’s written in Alien-ese, so no one on Earth can translate it. Not even Brainzilla. Hand it over! Sure. I just wish I could be more helpful. Would you like some dirt on any other orphans? I’m trying to save someone here. I’ll have to come back for those later. Can you translate it? Of course. But only into Beta-crypt-three… a language so complex, there’s even less chance of understanding it. I didn’t ask for a completely reasonable Very well. Doesn’t that machine make noses? It can do other things.

Right on, Professor Freaksworth! Everyone, pull your wires! Hurry! Back to Universe A! Hermes, don’t press that button! Later! So long, Your Majesty! There but for the flip of a coin So, Leela? Seeing how the universe wasn’t destroyed… you wanna catch an ape fight? You know, together? Well, I guess you deserve one more flip. So heads or tails? You know, let’s just say it’s heads. Ready? One. Two. Three. Pull! There. That space-time eversion has given us their box, and vice versa.

Dibs on. Hey, Fry! Long time, man. Hey, Hutch! What have you been up to? Searching the dumpsters, protecting my thoughts with tin foil, peeing myself. So, what brings you to Earth? It’s top secret. Hey, take off your helmet and I’ll think it to you. Okay. Here goes. Where are you? And me? The Great Hall of the Ancient Legion of Madfellows. Welcome, bro. Welcome, bro. Welcome, bro. Sorry I bashed your head in, buddy, but I had to. universe depends on you. The Grand Curator will tell you more.

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