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Whatever happens, rememberThe flame of my eternal love will burn forever. Of course. But, smoochy-pops, I thought one could only catch hydraulic fever… deep in the diamond mines of the Congo. You really thought you could steal those diamonds from me and Congo Jack? Those gems belong to the natives! Oh, how cruel and melodramatic fate is! Calculon, my darling, your loud whybrought me partway back to life. Congo Jack! Another shocking twist! Yes! And I have a message for you from Col.

Here is a 20th century assembly line… Where cars Were constructed by primitive robots. We’ve come a long way, baby. The fruit of the robot’s labor Was the stately 1992 Latoura. My girlfriend had one! Actually, she wasn’t my girlfriend… she just never closed her curtains. Didn’t I tell you to end your stories a sentence earlier? Let’s sneak in for a closer look. We don’t touch the antiques, sir. I’m sorry.

Why don’t we talk about something besides Zapp? Oh, all right. Okay, well, there he was in the tub, right? Some good old high-gravity rain. we’d have broken it and given up. A good captain needs many skills… like boldness, daring, and a velour uniform. I’m not convinced she has any of those. Leela’s not too bad. She just makes us work so much. When I was captain, I only wanted my men’s loyalty. I didn’t care if they… drank beer in their underwear. Beer? Underwear? But now, Zapp’s not captain anymore.

Young man, you have the bravery of a hero. And breath as fresh as a summer ham. What’s funny? Bender’s got the upper hand now. The game’s name isMake Bender Happy, or He Blows Up the Planet! I’d rather die and kill everybody than sit here listening to these idiots! No need to bounce off the handle. That’s it, I’ll say it! A is for- Stop! We give in to all demands. The war is over. Our home planet is yours. All right! Wait! We’re invading your planet? Correct. I guess you learned a valuable lesson.

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